Addition, Substraction, Multiplication, Division, Fraction, Decimal

Maths Puzzles Feature

- Very simple maths game for initial arithmetics.

- Maths Puzzles get the exact math help you need with your own personal math teacher.

- Each function has three mode like Easy, Medium, Hard.

- Perfect for math tutoring, homework help, homeschooling, standardized test preparations, and more!

- A numeric keypad to enter answers and using multiple-choice answers.

- Good Sound effects.

- A times table to practise multiplication tables.

- A Result card to review your performance in past exercises.

Standardized Maths Puzzles Test

  • Addition

    - Addition No Carrying

    - Addition With Carrying

  • Substraction

    - Substraction No Borrowing

    - Substraction With Borrowing

  • Multiplication
  • Division

    - Division No Reminder

    - Division With Reminder

  • Fraction

    - Fraction With Addition

    - Fraction With Substration

    - Fraction With Multiplication

    - Fraction With Division

  • Decimal

    - Decimal With Addition

    - Decimal With Substration

    - Decimal With Multiplication

    - Decimal With Division

Stage Selection

- This application provides you multiple stage to play maths puzzles.

- A times table to practise tables, Square, Cube.